01. Prima donna war
02. tipsy
03. soulja baka
05. liljon lol

Ttthhhaannk fucking god I dont have to go to schoool toommooorrrrow

Anonymous: omg congratulations! how long have you guys been together?

this year will be our third year, but after my 4 years of college. and then a few more year of living together and planning the wedding… im gonna say we’ll be together for 10 years once we get married. so. yeah. im pretty excited about all of this. uwu dreamy sigh. 

So. Im proposing to my girlfriend after college. Lollll.

U wU I talked to her about it and stuff already and she says that shes fine with it.

So :3 4 years from now im going to be married to the girl im in love with. And its amazing.

Anonymous: I hope your eyes get better soon D: That sounds great though other than not able to see ;~; Will you post when you're done? C:

Yeah they are better now :”0 and I cant because its just a school project. That im probably not gonna do well on u wu. Hehe although my eyes are still swollen and puffy QoQ

Anonymous: I'm doing wonderful and you? nwn

Ehhhh my eyes are super sore and watery from allergies D:” and im working on a comic rn and it sucka cauae I cant see a dang thing!

Anonymous: Hiiiiii o:

Hiiiiiii how are you anon-chan uwu?

Lol remember I said I would come back but I didnt. Well yeah I didnt

Anonymous: 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

I havent been on in weeks. And this is the only anon that matters.

lol i havent been on for like 2 weeks i think…. hehe…so how is everyone uwu”